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  • We Clean Concrete of Stains, Black Algae, Tire Marks, Oil and Grease, Soil and Gum

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Cedar Roof During Softwashing Service
Brick Wall Showing Before and After Softwashing
Slate Patio Before Softwashing
Same Slate Patio After Softwashing


Is Softwashing similar to pressure washing?

Softwashing is the alternative to pressure washing. Pressure washing uses high pressure (above 2,000 PSI), we use low pressure (below 300 PSI). As a reference, your local water company supplies about 50 PSI to your home. 

WHat does "the alternative to presure washing mean"?

Pressure washing removes a small amount of the material you are washing, even concrete. That means it eventually wears the material down. SoftWashing only removes the organism and dirt and does not cause premature failure of the material.  

Will it damage my roof ?

No, actually it will prolong the useful life of your roof. The black and green streaks and spots you see are actually organisms eating your roof.  We like to say “It’s not old, it’s mold”

I was told my shingle has zinc in it?

Some higher end shingles do have zinc in them. That zinc deteriorates over time. So even if you have shingles with zinc, it is eroded away by the tenth year of your thirty year shingles life expectancy. 

Can you Softwash my wooden deck

Yes, we do decks all of the time. Wooden decks also can be stained, sealed and treated after our process to help enhance their look and maintain that look for a longer period, did I mention that painters love us for preparation of your exterior before they arrive. 


Yes, we are “good Stewards” of the environment. Every product we use turns to carbon with twenty days. We take pride in the products we use to clean you building and work hard to source soaps that do not harm the environment. 

Do you also pressure wash?

Yes, as a full service exterior cleaning company we have pressure washing equipment and use it when the job calls for. A pressure washer in the hands a trained technician is a useful tool. Primarily used on flat and solid surfaces such as concrete and asphalt, it is sometimes needed to remove heavy grime such as grease and oil. 

I thought pressure washing is destructive?

Pressure washing can be destructive and needs to be used properly. You cannot clean a roof by pressure washing. Likewise, you would struggle to clean a commercial dumpster area without a pressure washer. As with any trade, use the correct tool for the job.