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Softwash Brick and Stucco Cleaning

Softwash Platoon is the premier brick and stucco cleaning service in the area. We specialize in providing high-quality and effective cleaning solutions for residential and commercial properties. Brick and stucco are common building materials that we work with very often and know how to properly clean using our soft washing methods.

Our Soft Washing Process Explained

Image of residential brick stairs before and after Softwash Platoon's brick cleaning services Soft washing is a gentle and effective method of cleaning and restoring the exterior surfaces of homes and businesses, particularly stucco and brick. Over time, stucco and brick can become dull, discolored, and stained due to algae, rust and minerals. Traditional pressure washing methods can be too harsh for these delicate surfaces and can cause damage, which is why soft washing has become a popular alternative. Softwash Platoon also specializes in soft washing siding, concrete, pool surfaces, stone pavers and chimneys.

Stucco and Brick

Softwash Platoon specializes in removing tough stains such as algae, rust, and mineral deposits from stucco and brick. With our advanced techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we are able to effectively and safely remove even the toughest stains without causing any damage to your home’s exterior.


Soft washing is a popular method for cleaning and maintaining siding on homes in the area. Unlike traditional power washing, soft washing uses a low-pressure water spray combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to gently remove algae, grime, and other buildup without causing any damage to the siding.


Concrete surfaces are prone to getting dirty and stained over time, especially in high traffic areas. The most common stains on concrete are from gum and other sticky substances. These stains can be tough to remove, and traditional pressure washing methods aren’t as effective. That's where SoftWash Platoon comes in!

Pool Surfaces

Soft washing is a popular method for cleaning pool surfaces that has gained traction with our customers in recent years. Soft washing is not only effective in removing stubborn stains, but it also helps to prevent damage to delicate pool tiles and surfaces. Our soft washing method targets the organisms that cause algae to grow in your pool and prevents them from regrowing.

Stone Pavers

Stone pavers are typically held together by sand. It’s not uncommon for pavers to get dirty over time because they are usually installed in high traffic areas such as walkways and patios. Pressure washing can damage your pavers by impacting the sand joints and loosening the pavers from their original position. Soft washing is the safest option when it comes to cleaning your stone pavers.

Exterior Chimney Surfaces

Softwash Platoon also specializes in removing soot from exterior chimney surfaces with our state-of-the-art soft washing techniques. Soft washing is an ideal solution for older or more fragile chimneys, as well as for those with delicate landscaping surrounding them. Soft washing not only removes the unsightly soot, but it also helps to prevent further damage and deterioration of your chimney.

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If you're a homeowner or business owner looking to enhance the appearance of your brick or stucco exterior, Softwash Platoon is the company to call! Our team of experienced professionals specializes in soft washing brick and stucco as well as other elements of your exterior. Our team is fully licensed and insured and we take great pride in our attention to detail and customer satisfaction! Contact us today for your free estimate!

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