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Gum Removal

SoftWash Platoon’s Gum Removal Service

Image of a playground after Softwash Platoon's gum removal services SoftWash Platoon is the leading provider of innovative cleaning solutions for businesses and commercial properties. One of our most popular services is gum removal. We utilize an advanced steam cleaning tool used a GumBlaster to effectively remove gum from a variety of surfaces without causing any damage to concrete or other materials. Our GumBlaster is a powerful tool that utilizes high-pressure steam to break down and loosen stubborn gum from surfaces. The steam is delivered through a specialized nozzle, which allows us to target specific areas and ensure a thorough cleaning.

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Commercial Gum Removal Services

One of the major advantages to hiring SoftWash Platoon to rid your concrete of unsightly gum is that you don’t have to close down the area for pedestrians while we work. This means that your business can remain open and continue its operations. This is a huge benefit for our customers that own commercial properties such as shopping centers or restaurants. We have the capability to remove gum from a wide range of surfaces, including sidewalks, parking lots, and building exteriors, with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We also offer this service to homeowners as well.

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Keep your commercial or residential spaces clean with SoftWash Platoon's gum removal service. We quickly and safely remove gum with minimal disruption. Call today.

Our highly trained technicians are equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to handle any gum removal job, no matter the size or scope. We understand that gum removal can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but with our advanced technology and efficient process, you’ll see for yourself how working with us is a hassle-free experience! Contact SoftWash Platoon today and see how we can help you create a clean and inviting space once again!

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