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Wood Deck Cleaning and Staining

Soft washing is a revolutionary and effective method of cleaning and maintaining wood decks. Softwash Platoon uses low pressure and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to gently remove algae, fungus and other growth from the surface of your deck. Unlike pressure washing, which can damage the wood and strip away its natural oils, our soft washing cleaning process is a gentle and non-intrusive way to clean and rejuvenate your wood deck, getting it ready for a fresh coat of stain or paint!

Why Soft Washing Your Deck is Essential

Soft washing is an essential step in maintaining a wood deck. It not only removes algae, fungus and other harmful microorganisms, but it also prepares your wood deck for further treatments. By killing algae and other types of fungus, soft washing ensures the safety and longevity of your deck. Whether you choose to seal, stain, or paint the final finish, soft washing is a crucial first step in keeping your wood deck looking clean, beautiful, and well-maintained!

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Soft Washing Targets Stubborn Organisms

Image of a residential wood deck before and after Softwash Platoon's wood deck cleaning services One of the main benefits of soft washing a wood deck is its ability to kill algae and other types of fungus. These microorganisms thrive in damp and humid environments, making wooden decks the perfect breeding ground! Over time, algae and fungus can build up on the surface of your deck, making it slippery and unsafe to walk on. Algae and fungus can also cause discoloration, which can be unsightly and diminish the overall aesthetic appeal of the deck. Softwash Platoon can help make your wood deck look like new.

Softwash Platoon guarantees that our cleaning methods can effectively address these issues. The cleaning solution we use in our soft washing process contains specialized chemicals that are specifically designed to kill algae and other types of fungus, not just move them around! Our cleaning solution penetrates deep into the wood fibers, effectively killing any spores or bacteria that may be present. As a result, your deck is left clean and free of any harmful microorganisms, making it a safe and enjoyable space for any outdoor activity your family might be planning.

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Soft Washing Prepares Your Wood Deck for a Final Finish

In addition to killing algae and fungus, soft washing also prepares your wood deck for any further treatments. Once our cleaning process is complete, the wood is left bare and exposed. This makes it an ideal time to apply a sealant, stain, or paint on the final finish. The absence of dirt, grime, and microorganisms allows for better adhesion of the final finish, ensuring a more durable and long-lasting result. Softwash Platoon will gladly apply any final finish that you choose for your wood deck.

The Importance of Sealing, Staining or Painting Your Wood Deck After Soft Washing

Sealing, staining, or painting a wood deck after soft washing is highly recommended as it helps to protect the wood from future damage. A sealant, for example, creates a protective barrier that prevents water, UV rays, and other elements from penetrating the wood. This not only helps to maintain the natural color and beauty of the wood but also extends its lifespan. Staining, on the other hand, provides both protection and aesthetic appeal. It can enhance the natural grain of the wood and add a touch of color to match the overall design and style of the outdoor space. Paint, while not as commonly used on wood decks, can also provide protection and give your deck an entirely new look!

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Image of a residential deck after Softwash Platoon's wood deck cleaning services Refresh and protect your wood deck with SoftWash Platoon's cleaning and staining services. Our soft washing method safely removes harmful growths without damaging it. Call today.

SoftWash Platoon is the leading expert in wood deck cleaning and staining. Our expertly trained team of professionals will ensure that your deck is thoroughly cleaned and treated to prevent further damage from microorganisms such as algae and fungus. Contact us today to bring new life to your wood deck and protect it for years to come!

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