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Services Page - Safe, Softwashing Services

What is softwashing?

Image of a house with softwashed window frames Softwashing is a specialized method of cleaning and treating surfaces using low pressure and biodegradable solutions. It is a superior alternative to traditional pressure washing, which can sometimes damage surfaces. Softwash Platoon specializes in softwashing of residential and commercial properties, including roofs, siding, decks, fences and more. Our process involves applying a specially formulated cleaning solution to the surface, allowing it to penetrate and break down dirt, mold, and other contaminants. This is followed by a gentle rinse using low pressure, which effectively removes the grime without causing any damage to your surfaces. Our goal is to kill and remove the root cause of your mold and bacteria, ensuring a longer-lasting clean. Softwash Platoon is the go-to-choice for softwashing needs, providing a safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly solution for residential and commercial properties in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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Our Softwash Services

Before and After Image of a dumpster area being cleaned in Havertown, PA At Softwash Platoon, we specialize in a variety of softwashing services to enhance and protect the exteriors of both residential and commercial properties. We cover everything from roof cleaning to gum removal and everything in between. Our dedicated team is committed to our customers and strives to provide the highest quality softwashing services in the area.

SoftWash Roof Cleaning

Softwash roof cleaning is a revolutionary method of cleaning roofs that is non-invasive, non-caustic and gentle, yet highly effective. Unlike traditional pressure washing, softwashing uses a low-pressure water-based solution to eliminate dirt, grime and organic growth such as moss, algae, mildew and lichen. This not only restores the appearance of your roof but also prevents further damage and prolongs its lifespan. Plus, with a 5-year limited warranty, you can trust that your roof will stay clean and protected for years to come.

Softwash Roof Cleaning

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Softwash Platoon also specializes in cedar roof cleaning that effectively removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the surface of your cedar roof. This method not only cleans the roof but also kills and removes any living organisms that may be deteriorating the wood, such as moss, algae, and lichens. Once the roof is thoroughly cleaned, we apply a protective sealant, such as Wood Restore protectant, to help prolong the life of your cedar roof.

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Before and After Image of a church after softwashed cleaning services in Havertown, PA

SoftWash Stucco and Brick Cleaning

Softwash Platoon’s stucco and brick softwash cleaning is a highly effective and safe method for removing stubborn stains from your exterior surfaces. Our team of experts is well-equipped to tackle algae, rust, and mineral stains on a variety of materials including stucco, brick, siding, concrete, pool surfaces, and paving stones. We also offer specialized services for removing soot from exterior chimney surfaces, leaving them looking clean and revitalized.

Brick Cleaning

Wood Deck Cleaning and Staining

Softwashing is a safe and effective method for cleaning and restoring wood decks. Using a combination of low-pressure water and specially formulated detergents, our team at Softwash Platoon can easily remove stubborn algae, mold, and other fungus from the surface of your deck. This not only improves the appearance of the deck but also prevents further damage and potential health hazards. After cleaning, we seal, stain, or paint your deck to protect it from future damage.

Deck Cleaning

Composite Deck Cleaning

Softwash Platoon uses revolutionary cleaning methods specifically designed for composite decks that effectively removes dirt, grime, mold, and algae without causing any damage. Unlike traditional pressure washing techniques that can strip away the protective coating on composite decks, Softwash Platoon uses a gentle low-pressure spray combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean and sanitize the surface.

Composite Deck Cleaning

Gutter Brightening

A before and after picture of a house that was softwashed Gutter brightening is a highly effective and efficient way to remove unsightly algae, dirt, and drip lines from the exterior of your gutters. This process involves a 2-step approach, beginning with a softwash treatment that gently and safely removes buildup without causing any damage to your gutters. Once the SoftWash solution has been applied, our technicians will hand agitate the gutters to ensure that all debris and stains are thoroughly removed.

Gutter Brightening

Fence Cleaning

Softwashing is great for cleaning wood or plastic fences. Our process involves using a gentle, low-pressure spray of cleaning solution to remove dirt, grime, algae, and lichen from the surface of your fence. After the initial softwash, wood fences are treated with Wood Restore. Plastic fences are given a final wash solution to not only kill any remaining algae or lichen but also to protect it from future growth.

Fence Cleaning

SoftWash Paver Sealing

Softwash Platoon’s paver sealing service is a four-step process that can transform the look of your pavers and stone surface, making them look as good as new! The first step is cleaning. This is followed by repairing any damaged or loose pavers to ensure a smooth and even surface. The third step is re-sanding the joints between the pavers to prevent shifting and maintain stability. Finally, the surface is sealed with a protective coating to enhance the color and protect it from future damage.

Paver Sealing

Concrete Sealing

Our concrete sealing involves the use of a penetrating siloxane sealer to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete and masonry surfaces. This type of sealer is specifically designed to penetrate deep into the pores of concrete and masonry, forming a strong and durable chemical bond. This bond provides excellent protection against water, oil, and other contaminants, preventing them from penetrating the surface and causing damage.

Concrete Sealing

Window Frame Restoration

Softwash Platoon’s window frame restoration is an essential service for both commercial and residential properties. With a three-step process, pre-painted aluminum window frames can be effectively cleaned and polished to restore their original shine and luster. Our window frame restoration service is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for maintaining the beauty and integrity of pre-painted aluminum window frames.

Window Frame Restoration

Gum Removal

Our innovative technology uses a combination of high-temperature steam and specialized brushes to effectively remove gum from surfaces without causing any damage. The best part? It can be done without closing down the cleaning area, allowing local businesses to continue operations and pedestrians to go about their day uninterrupted. This specialized service is a quick and effective solution for gum removal.

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Additional Services At Softwash Platoon

  • Asphalt Roof Cleaning: Black Algae, Moss Lichen and Rust Stain removal from Roofs.
  • Cedar Roof Cleaning: Cleans and kills Algae, Moss and Lichen that will quickly degrade the cedar shingles.
  • Before and After Image of a residential brick cleaning Cedar Roof Oil Treatment: To extend the life of your roof and prolong the cleaning.
  • Metal Roofs: Clean and scrub metal roofs of dirt and Algae. Restores the color.
  • Slate Roofs: cleaning and sanitizing without getting on the roof, cleaning completed from ladders.
  • Aluminum Siding: Clean Green Algae, Mold, Mildew and Soil without pressure washing or damage.
  • Hardi-Board Siding: Cement-based siding cleaning without sweep marks or damage to caulk seams.
  • Stucco Siding: Non-damaging cleaning of Black Algae stains, Rust and Copper stains.
  • Concrete: walkways, sidewalks, concrete furniture and structures cleaned of black algae, oil stains and rust.
  • Pool Surfaces: Kills Black Algae Stains, Mold and Mildew on pool deck surfaces and furniture.
  • Gutter Brightening: Cleans Algae and dirt off the exterior of aluminum gutters and soffits.
  • Driveway Cleaning: Kills moss and lichen eating the binder out of asphalt driveways and extending life.
  • Stone Walls: Kills Moss Lichen and Algae on Stone surfaces for a like-new appearance.
  • Before and After Image of a residential home before and after softwashing services Deck Cleaning: Non-pressure washing cleaning. Restores natural wood finishes.
  • Fencing: Cleaning PVC, Wood and Metal fencing.
  • Wood buildings: Clean and restore exterior wood surfaces like barns or wood-sided homes.
  • Chimney Cleaning: Soot, Grease and Algae cleaning from exterior chimney surfaces.
  • Chewing Gum Removal: Clean and Restore Exterior concrete surfaces.
  • Concrete Sealing: Penetrating sealers help avoid cracks from the freeze cycle, and protect from salt damage.
  • Paver Stone: Cleaning, Sanding and Sealing Restoration to make old patios and walks look new and last longer.
  • Flagstone and Slate: Sanitize and clean of black algae and lichen growth, apply sealer for a restored look.

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