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Soft Wash Services in Media, PA

Choose Softwash Platoon for all your property cleaning needs in Media, PA. Our expert team offers comprehensive softwashing and restoration services. Call today.

Should you Power Wash or Soft Wash your Media, PA Home?

When deciding between soft washing and power washing for your home in Media, PA, consider the longevity of the results. Softwash Platoon's softwashing approach goes beyond surface cleaning. By targeting the root of mold and mildew, soft washing effectively eliminates these organisms, preventing their recurrence. This means your home will stay cleaner for a longer period compared to power washing, which may merely remove visible growth while leaving spores behind, leading to faster re-growth.

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Our Softwash Services

Image of a residential roof after SoftWash Platoon's soft washing services Softwash Platoon is your one-stop shop for professional soft washing services in Media, PA. We specialize in gentle yet effective cleaning solutions for a wide range of exterior surfaces.

Asphalt Roof Cleaning

We use biodegradable cleaning solutions, without the use of harsh chemicals, which is the safest cleaning method for your asphalt roof.

Cedar Roof Cleaning

Our eco-friendly soft washing methods gently clean your cedar roof using only biodegradable solutions.

Cedar Roof Oil Treatment

Our cedar roof oil treatments utilize natural, eco-conscious ingredients, posing minimal risk to your family and the environment.

Metal Roofs

Having your metal roof professionally soft washed removes algae and eliminates spores, preventing future growth and ensuring your roof remains cleaner for a long period of time.

Slate Roofs

Our soft washing service gently removes grime without damaging the delicate surface of your slate roof, maintaining its manufacturer's protection.

Aluminum Siding

Regular softwashing is a cost-effective way to maintain aluminum siding, preventing expensive repairs or replacement by keeping your siding in great condition.

Hardie-Board Siding

Soft Washing is superior to power washing when it comes to hardie-board siding because it doesn’t create sweep marks or damage to the caulk seams.

Stucco Siding

Softwashing extends the lifespan of stucco siding by shielding it from moisture damage.


Image of residential stucco siding after soft washing services from Softwash Platoon Softwashing concrete removes hazardous substances like algae, mold and oil, enhancing safety by minimizing the risk of slips and falls for pedestrians and residents.

Pool Surfaces

Black algae, mold and mildew are all unsafe organisms that should be removed promptly from your pool area with our soft washing service. This ensures the health and safety of your family.

Gutter Brightening

Softwashing is the most effective way to clean gutters and soffits. It removes buildup and enhances their appearance.

Driveway Cleaning

Softwashing your driveway eliminates slippery moss and lichen, making your driveway less hazardous and more secure for you and your loved ones.

Stone Walls

Having your stone walls professionally softwashed restores their appearance and makes them look like new.

Deck Cleaning

Decks benefit from soft washing in that our gentle cleaning methods remove harmful organic growth and reveal the beauty of the natural wood underneath.


Softwash Platoon specializes in soft washing fences of all materials, such as PVC, wood and metal.

Wood buildings

If your home has wood siding, we can help restore the beauty of the wood with our gentle soft washing techniques.

Chimney Cleaning

Residential concrete after Softwash Platoon's concrete sealing services Softwashing eliminates algae, mold and mildew from your chimney, destroying them at their source to prevent regrowth.

Chewing Gum Removal

Is your concrete covered in unsightly gum? Let Softwash Platoon restore and revive your concrete surfaces with our state-of-the-art chewing gum removal service.

Concrete Sealing

Our concrete sealers protect your concrete surfaces from damage caused by salt as well as the freeze-thaw cycle.

Paver Stone

Restore your paver stone's beauty and functionality with our professional cleaning, sanding and sealing service.

Flagstone and Slate

Softwashing removes dirt, algae and lichen from flagstone and slate. Subsequent sealing also protects the stone from water damage, stains and future biological growth.

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